This isn't goodbye, this is simply see you later ...

Posted by MARIA DEKNEGT on

Hi everybody,

After much consideration and with a heavy heart, I have made the difficult decision to close my shop.

This decision was not made lightly, and I want to assure you it is not due to a lack of dedication or passion to what I do. I am currently going thru a divorce and it has taken a toll on me. Staying creative while going through this has proven to be extremely hard. 

I want to thank you all for being a part of my journey. The love and support has meant the world to me, and I will cherish the memories and relationships we have built along the way. 

This isn't goodbye, this is simply see you later! I hope that once I'm on the other side, I can come back. 

Here is the final shop schedule :

7/26 : Website re-opening - Leftover inventory will be listed. Back to School Revamp release as well. Shipping estimates : 1-2 weeks.

7/28 : Final Release - I will bring back whatever kits you want me to bring back. Shipping times will be extended for this final release. I was thinking Christmas Story and I'll be open to suggestions =).

Shipping estimate 3-4 weeks or 4-5 weeks (it will depend on the number of kits you would like me to bring back as inventory for this release will be unlimited). 

8/04 : Website closing. 

Thank you so much for the love and support throughout the years. 

I will miss you. I wish you all very the best! Please stay in touch.


Two Lil' Bees

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  • I will be covering you in prayers as you make this heavy transition. Praying for a healing heart, overwhelming peace, and a soft landing on the other side. We are all so thankful for the love you pour into your work, and can’t wait for your return. Until then, turn that to yourself and your family <3

    Samantha on
  • You take care of yourself and your children. We will all be here saying our prayers for your family. We will be here when you come back to us!

    JoEllyn Moran on
  • I’m so sorry you & your family have to go through this. You do what you need to do to take care of yourself & your children, and know that we all will be holding you up in prayer/positive energy.

    Heidi on
  • Maria, I am so sorry you are going through this. I am going through this myself and it is not easy, especially when little ones are involved. Please stay strong and just know that there will be brighter days ahead. -Vanessa

    Vanessa on
  • I’m so very sorry to read about this season of life for you. I have a collection of your products that I have never used because they are soooo beautiful. I have recently FORCED myself to use them, and since then it has brought a whole new level of enjoyment. Your shop will be missed, but I wait with anticipation for your return ❤️.

    Candice on

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