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Messy Bun - Full Kit Vertical

Messy Bun Full Kit - Vertical

  • Sticker sheets measure 4.75" x 7.50"
  • Full Kit Details:
  1. EC Squares 
  2. Base Kit (2 sheets)
  3. Headers & Labels
  4. Clipboards, half boxes, date covers
  5. Heart Checklist Boxes 
  6. Bottom Washi & Washi Strips. The bottom washi now comes in a new width perfect for layering with other washi's. There's now a wider one, and a skinny one that can be layered together, or mixed and matched with other washi's.

The colors on this kit are very vibrant and look beautifully printed. It's the perfect summer to fall transition kit.

Disclaimer: Colors may vary slightly from photos due to different monitor settings.

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