Shop News March, 2020

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Shop News March, 2020

Hello everybody!

Considering everything that is currently going on in the world, we are implementing some changes in our shop.

Starting on 3/27 our shop will fully be ready to ship with a shipping estimate of 3-5 business days.

We understand these are uncertain times for everybody, so we are bringing a second sticker paper option to our shop at a lower price point. We used to offer this paper in our shop before. It's a matte paper, and while it's not premium matte (aka not unicorn paper) the color quality is excellent.

We are also going to add the option of $2 untracked domestic shipping. Please understand if you select the $2 shipping option you will not receive a tracking number. Your order will be sent in a white soft envelope, with a 5x7 journaling card to protect the stickers and a clear bag as well.

The website has a feature that allows you to sign up for back-in-stock email alerts. If an item you would like is currently out of stock, please sign up for the alerts. This helps me figure out what people are looking for, so we know what to restock.

I hope everybody stays safe & if you want to chat my inbox is always opened.








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